On 13.10.2016 15:50, John Popowitch wrote:
Yeah, so very lucky.
I have no idea how this happened.
As I said before I inherited these servers so I don't really know what was done 
to get them to this state.
I'm guessing most if not all of the conflicts are naming conflicts for standard 
entries which were setup on all three servers.

Please help me to understand what this upgrade does.
What does ipa-server-upgrade do?
It upgrades configuration of services and LDAP data to fit the current version installed from RPMs.
Each server has IPA RPMs for v4.2.0.
Does this command upgrade RPMs?
No, ipa-server-upgrade is called from RPM upgrade process. First new RPMs are installed, then ipa-server-upgrade is executed. In your case ipa-server-upgrade failed so it should be rerun because there might be configs that needs upgrade.

Does it need to be run on each server?
Yes, as I said it is part of RPM installation. ipa-server-upgrade is idempotent so it can be called multiple times. I recommend to execute it again to be sure. (first remove conflicts)

Thanks for your help.

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Oh you are lucky to have ~150 replication conflicts :)

How did you get those? Did you run upgrade in parallel or did you have some 
network issues?

You have to manually fix all replication conflicts and the re-run

Please follow guide I posted previously, sorry :(


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