On 16.10.2016 08:00, Jochen Hein wrote:
> Timo Aaltonen <tjaal...@ubuntu.com> writes:
>> On 15.10.2016 22:33, Jochen Hein wrote:
>>> Timo Aaltonen <tjaal...@ubuntu.com> writes:
>>>>   Ubuntu 16.04 LTS got released today, and it comes with FreeIPA 4.3.1!
>>> Thanks for your work on packaging FreeIPA for Ubuntu (and Debian). I've
>>> just updated my laptop to Ubuntu 16.10, and now the freeipa packages are
>>> "orphaned", because these packages seems to be missing from yakkety. Is
>>> there a reason for this? I didn't see a bugreport for it.
>> Looks like it was due to a misunderstanding.. it got removed from Debian
>> first (because of new uploads getting blocked due to minified javascript
>> not being actual source), then added back and synced to yakkety, but
>> again removed from there for the same reason it got removed from Debian..
> That's what I've feared.
>> I'll check if it can be added back.
> Thanks for looking into it.

The dropped binaries are back, you can find them from yakkety-updates.


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