On 10/19/2016 11:35 AM, James Harrison wrote:

Hi James,

Were using FreeIPA on Ubuntu Xenial. We lost the Master server.

I have some questions:
1. Do DNS replicate among other replicas is we change/add DNS records?
If not can this behaviour be changed?
IPA-intergrated DNS stores records in the replicated LDAP subtree so any added/removed DNS record will replicate to other IPA DNS servers.

2. How do we promote a replica to become a master? We have not
configured our servers to become a CA. Our CA is Comodo and we have
configured FreeIPA to use a certificate, key and interim certificates
from Comodo. using the options:


Hope someone can help. Quite urgent.

The terms FreeIPA master/replica are quite arbitrary as all replicas are equal peers and can be considered masters. The only notion of 'master' is when you use a Dogtag CA (then one of the CA replicas is designated a renewal master and does renew certificates in the topology and one is CRL master generating certificate revocation lists) and/or DNSSec (then one of DNS replica is designated a key master generating zone signing keys and other DNS replicas pull these keys).

As you are using CA-less replicas then there should be no loss in the fact that the one designated 'master' is down (unless it was e.g. the only DNS server). As long as the others have valid CA and server certs they should be working just fine.

You can just install a new replica in place of the master by generating replica file on another replicaa nd supplying the required certificates through options.

James Harrison

Martin^3 Babinsky

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