On 26/10/16 20:00, lejeczek wrote:
hi all

quick question - does IPA rpms depend on samaba's?
I'm hoping I can remove samba-common but dnf fies a 46 packages long
list of dependencies - is it somehow broken?
If is not and that is 100% correct long chain of deps - then can samba
be safely downgraded to 3.6.x ? given that IPA does not integrate samba
in my configuration.

many thanks


Only freeipa-server-trust-ad package depends on samba. If you haven't configured AD trust you can safely remove samba (and also freeipa-server-trust-ad package if you've installed it). samba-common contains files for samba client and server so removing it may remove applications that can behave as samba client.

David Kupka

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