Hi All,

I am posting my issue here with an hope that i get a response.

I have AWS ELB configured to connect to FreeIPA servers on Ubuntu.  My FreeIPA 
servers are in private subnets. I am able to access my test index.html page 
deployed on the FreeIPA server by hitting https://<elb url>/index.html. However 
when i try IPA UI https://<elb url>/ipa/ui then i am getting redirected to my 
internal IPA address which then resulting to "site cannot be reached" error.  I 
am wondering if i have an option of tweaking my 
/etc/httpd/conf.d/ipa-rewrite.conf file so that i can access IPA UI using 
external ELB URL? I see ipa-rewrite.conf is hardcoded with my internal IPA 
server URLs.

Would appreciate if some one can give some pointers


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