Rakesh Rajasekharan <rakesh.rajasekha...@gmail.com> writes:

> There were about 1500 hosts that were alerting for "clock skew" and the
> issue went away only after I did a resync using ntpdate on all those hosts

Great, glad it's fixed!  Are these VMs?  If not, you may wish to
(re?)configure automatic syncing.

> Is it possible that so many higher number of minor offsets adds up and
> causes it. Coz from the individual offset it looks much below the 5min limit

Not as such, if I understand you correctly?  This should only be a
problem between any two machines that need to communicate (including the
freeipa KDC).

> Or, is there a way to tell whats the offset limit its actually looking for.

5 minutes almost certainly.  The parameter to configure it is
"clockskew" in the config files, but I don't think IPA touches that.

Hope that helps,

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