thanks for the inputs..

one more question I was curious is.. when does the krb5kdc.log get entries
. .. I mean is it only when someone makes an attempt to login to a server
that the log file  krb5kdc.log on the IPA master gets updated or there are
other scenarios as well


On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 3:09 AM, Robbie Harwood <> wrote:

> Rakesh Rajasekharan <> writes:
> >> Great, glad it's fixed!  Are these VMs?  If not, you may wish to
> >> (re?)configure automatic syncing.
> >
> > yes these are AWS instances. How do I reconfigure auto syncing . Is
> > there a documentation I can follow.
> During install of the IPA server, it will set up an NTP server (unless
> you ask it not to).  During enrollment of each IPA client, it will
> configure NTP against that server (unless you ask it not to).  Disabling
> it is the -N flag in both cases.
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