On 15.02.2017 23:11, Jason B. Nance wrote:
Hello All,

I have managed to lose the Directory Manager password for my FreeIPA 4.4.0 
instance.  I've found the following documentation:




I'm confused as to whether I need to follow the procedure in the second link 
because of the following note on the page:

     The following procedure is only applicable to FreeIPA 3.2.1 or older. 
Since FreeIPA 3.2.2 (and ticket #3594), the procedure is automated as a part of 
preparing a replica info file by using ipa-replica-prepare

The wording of that seems to indicate that it is a copy/paste from a different 
doc on how to setup PKI (due to the reference to ipa-replica-prepare).

Could someone shed some light on the proper way to go about resetting the 
Directory Manager password in 4.4.0?




"Following procedure needs to be performed on all FreeIPA replicas with PKI." and see Prerequisites

if you have 3.2.1 and older with CA installed you should use this steps, otherwise you need only change DM password as is stated in Dirsrv documentation.


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