On 26.02.2017 07:35, Jochen Hein wrote:
Jochen Hein <joc...@jochen.org> writes:

I'm implementing logcheck on my server and found the following message
in my logs:

Feb 26 05:30:26 freeipa2 named-pkcs11[4935]: option 'serial_autoincrement' is 
not supported, ignoring
| Updates and Upgrades
| Replace serial_autoincrement option in /etc/named.conf with serial_remote 
| Dependencies
I just tried that and got a message that serial_remote is unknown.
I run a current CentOS 7.3 server.



the documentation you found is old, it may be applicable to RHEL6.
For current configuration options see section "5.1 Configuration options" in https://pagure.io/bind-dyndb-ldap
You can safely remove serial_autoincrement option form your config.


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