On 28/02/17 09:45, Petr Vobornik wrote:
On 02/26/2017 11:35 AM, lejeczek wrote:
hi everyone

I first time see:

unable to decode: {replica 60} 586eaffd000a003c0000 586eaffd000a003c0000
Replica Update Vectors:

on all four servers. What would be a correct troubleshooting and fixing this
many thanks,


what is the version and OS of your IPA servers and DS?

 $ rpm -q ipa-server freeipa-server 389-ds-base
well I run a Centos 7.x and
~]$ rpm -q ipa-server freeipa-server 389-ds-base
package freeipa-server is not installed

I searched the net and archives but failed to find anything flagged as "solved".

Similar issues happened last year, you can search the archives for "unable to decode" but a 389-ds fix improved the situation. So if you have older version then maybe update and then manual cleanup of RUVs might help.

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