>> I have a problem using freeipa version 3.0.0-50 on CentOS release 6.8. The 
>> problem manifests itself as no authentication, and no DNS.
>> It seems Kerberos just stops responding to requests and requests just
>> get queued up # netstat -tuna | grep SYN_RECV Active Internet
>> connections (servers and established)
>> Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address               Foreign Address             
>> State
>> tcp        0             0           <server IP>:88               <client1 
>> IP>:55440         SYN_RECV
>> tcp        0             0           <server IP>:88               <client 2 
>> IP>:40076        SYN_RECV
>> Looking at /var/log/krb5kdc.log
>> The normal activity of AS_REQ and TGS_REC messages just stops. No error 
>> messages. Just  no new messages.

>The problem isn't in Kerberos or DNS, ns-slapd is hanging. See this, 

Thanks for that. I've taken a look at the stacktrace of out ns-slapd for our 
realm. But the stacktrace doesn't give very much. Just lots of "no debugging 
symbols found" and "No symbol table info available" it seems.
In the list of threads there are lots of calls to functions but again "No 
symbol table info available." Nothing jumps out.
Similarly in the access log, while there is a lot of activity nothing is 
obviously wrong.

I didn't change the log buffering for very long, due to the predicted 
performance issues and did not catch it when it was faulty.

For some reason, apart from once last evening the issue seems to have gone away 


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