I am implementing automounted home shares for all my IPA users. When thinking a little more about the topic two fundamental questions arose:

- Is it a good idea to automount /home even if no local users exist at the moment? - Would it be better to leave local users in /home and place IPA users to e.g. /mnt/ipausers/home

In both cases an IPA user would have 1 homedirectory for all ipa machines. This would mean 1 set of configuration files for RHEL 6/7, CentOS 6/7, Suse, Ubuntu and maybe some new distros to come at some point in time. Is this a good idea?

How to solve the problem that some files (e.g. .profile or .bash_history) do only make sense on a per-host basis whereas others can be centrally managed?

Your thoughts on this matter are highly appreciated!


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