Kat wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am somewhat confused trying to get the process of using an external
> cert for IPA.
> If I follow step 1:
> ipa-server-install -a Secret123 -p Secret123 -r EXAMPLE.COM
> --external-ca -U
> This does indeed generate a CSR, but trying to do anything with this CSR
> has no success since it is not properly formed with all info.  In
> otherwords, ipa does not add country, state, location, etc. If I submit
> this CSR to any cert company, it will of course, complain. Is there a
> way to get this right? Or am I just missing something here?

What cert company are you trying to get to sign this? This is a CA cert,
I don't know that any of the major ones will sign this, at least not
without a huge check.

What version of IPA?


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