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Snapshot is always better, so I suggest to use it. Otherwise there is an option --ignore-last-of-role to unblock uninstallation.


On 11.05.2017 16:00, Robert L. Harris wrote:

Looks like you hit it, apache didn't have a group:

-- Logs begin at Wed 2017-05-10 19:56:27 MDT, end at Thu 2017-05-11 07:48:27 MDT. -- May 10 20:36:00 <> systemd[1]: Starting The Apache HTTP Server... May 10 20:36:00 <> ipa-httpd-kdcproxy[28808]: ipa : INFO KDC proxy enabled May 10 20:36:00 <> httpd[28809]: AH00544: httpd: bad group name apache May 10 20:36:00 <> systemd[1]: httpd.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE May 10 20:36:00 <> kill[28812]: kill: cannot find process "" May 10 20:36:00 <> systemd[1]: httpd.service: control process exited, code=exited status=1 May 10 20:36:00 <> systemd[1]: Failed to start The Apache HTTP Server. May 10 20:36:00 <> systemd[1]: Unit httpd.service entered failed state. May 10 20:36:00 <> systemd[1]: httpd.service failed.

Thanks, didn't know that command.  I tried to continue the process:


The log file for this installation can be found in /var/log/ipaserver-install.log ipa.ipapython.install.cli.install_tool(Server): ERROR IPA server is already configured on this system. If you want to reinstall the IPA server, please uninstall it first using 'ipa-server-install --uninstall'. ipa.ipapython.install.cli.install_tool(Server): ERROR The ipa-server-install command failed. See /var/log/ipaserver-install.log for more information

{1}:/root>ipa-server-install  --uninstall

This is a NON REVERSIBLE operation and will delete all data and configuration!

Are you sure you want to continue with the uninstall procedure? [no]: yes
ipa : ERROR Server removal aborted: Deleting this server is not allowed as it would leave your installation without a CA..

This is a VM and I took a snapshot right before I started the install, so I can revert, just make sure ti add the apache user before starting the install. Or if you have a better command to continue the clean-up/install.....

On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 2:19 AM Martin Bašti < <>> wrote:


    comments inline

    On 11.05.2017 06:06, Robert L. Harris wrote:

    Sigh... Sorry, it's been a long day, I thought I put that log in
    the first pastebin.  It's in this one:

    Could you please provide journalctl -u httpd and
    /var/log/httpd/error_log ?

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    On Wed, May 10, 2017 at 9:56 PM Lachlan Musicman
    < <>> wrote:

        Robert, did you look in /var/log/ipaserver-install.log as it

        Was there any other information?


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        On 11 May 2017 at 13:24, Robert L. Harris
        <>> wrote:

            Ok,  I gave up on Ubuntu.  I'm now trying the latest
            CentOS7.  I built out a "minimal server" with some normal
            base packages which did include the freeipa-client but
            otherwise, just standard tools.  Here's a pastebin of the
            output of the install:


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