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| A user recently asked me if there was any way to reset the chassis
| intrusion status on a Supermicro motherboard.  There is a proprietary
| IPMI command on the Supermicros that allows this, since there is nothing
| in the IPMI specification that allows this.
| I thought a bit about how this might be implemented.  So the following
| came to me.
| 1) We add a command into fish called 'raw' or something similar.  This
| command allows us to right raw hex data to the BMC.  For example:
| fish> raw 08 00 01 BA 18
| 2) Based on the 'raw' command, we can write fish-scripts to do various
| proprietary commands that users may want to use.  We could just stick em
| on the FreeIPMI webpage or something.
| Thoughts?  Needless to say this is low priority.  I stuck it in the TODO
| for later consideration.  Perhaps I'll try to implement it in my spare time.

Yes thats a good idea. After I implement, unified driver model, I will
add this raw command tool. Its like "ipmicmd" right?

Anand Babu
Free as in Freedom <www.gnu.org>

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