Thanks for your prompt reply.

Anand Babu wrote:

Intel's EM64T Xeon motherboards like SE7520JR2 or SE7520AF2 comes with
very limited IPMI functionality onboard. You need to install a daughter
card to get full IPMI-1.5/2.0 functionality. We have tested GNU
FreeIPMI using the daughter card. I am not sure about the onboard
BMC. It looks like it has just SSIF interface (NOT KCS).
Currently SSIF driver in libfreeipmi uses smbus driver of the
linux kernel. I am not sure how different it is in FreeBSD.
I'll try to find smbus driver interface in FreeBSD kernel and let you know.

You can help us in 2 ways:
* Remote access to your system (as root user)
I have to take required permissions to put the machine for remote access. It may take a day.

* We can send you a simple tool (C source). You can run and debug.
Please do send me the simple tool and instructions to debug.


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