* Anand Babu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [03.01.2006 07:20]:

> ,----[ Avnindra Singh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ]
> | I'll try to find smbus driver interface in FreeBSD kernel and let
> | you know.
> `----
> I want to know how compatible or similar it is to Linux kernel's i2c
> interface. 

APIs differ greatly.

> ,----[ Avnindra Singh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ]
> | Please do send me the simple tool and instructions to debug.
> `----
> Try this utility. It has enough info in the header section about
> finding device address. The same address applies to GNU FreeIPMI's
> driver too. You can pass it as command line argument.
> ftp://ftp.zresearch.com/pub/freeipmi/misc/ssif-cmd.c
> You help is very much appreciated. There are other FreeBSD users for
> GNU FreeIPMI too. 

Can anyone show me quick ssif-cmd usage example and sample output,
so I can check if it works for me?

Is there any progress with SSIF interface on FreeBSD?

Also, anyone knows if SSIF interface works on Intel SE7501WV2
and what smbus slave address it has? Dmidecode shows me:

    DMI type 38, 18 bytes.
    IPMI Device Information
        Interface Type: KCS (Keyboard Control Style)
        Specification Version: 1.5
        I2C Slave Address: 0x10
        Base Address: 0x0000000000000CA2 (I/O)

However 0x10 address doesn't show in smbmsg(8) probe:

# smbmsg -p
Probing for devices on /dev/smb0:

Device @0x18: rw
Device @0x30: rw
Device @0x32: rw
Device @0x36: rw
Device @0x44: w
Device @0x52: rw
Device @0x56: rw
Device @0x62: rw
Device @0x88: w
Device @0x98: rw
Device @0xb0: rw
Device @0xb2: rw
Device @0xb6: rw
Device @0xc4: w
Device @0xd2: rw
Device @0xd6: rw
Device @0xe2: rw

Output of the bmc-info, just for the case:

# bmc-info 
Device ID:         20
Device Revision:   1
                   [SDR Support]
Firmware Revision: 1.10
                   [Device Available (normal operation)]
IPMI Version:      1.5
Additional Device Support:
                   [Sensor Device]
                   [SDR Repository Device]
                   [SEL Device]
                   [FRU Inventory Device]
                   [IPMB Event Receiver]
                   [Chassis Device]
Manufacturer ID:   B000157h
Product ID:        1Bh
Aux Firmware Revision Info: 7011500h

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