Was your "fix" to manually code the io-port address, register spacing,
etc. into bmc-info to get around the SMBIOS broken-ness?  If that's the
case, then we should add options to bmc-info and all the inband tools to
allow the user to manually set them on the command line (or via config
file) if the firmware is bad.  Otherwise how will any user with bad
firmware ever use FreeIPMI?  Especially if IBM never releases a fix
(they may not be obligated to).  


Albert Chu
Computer Scientist
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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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From: Anand Babu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Monday, April 3, 2006 7:48 am
Subject: [Freeipmi-devel] IBM e325 and GNU FreeIPMI

> IBM e325 BMC firmware has lots of bugs.
> I got bmc-info to work inband. SMBIOS reports that BMC is memory
> mapped, but it is really io ports based. I also found that GNU
> FreeIPMI was checking for SMBIOS record length to be > 16 bytes which
> should be >= 16 bytes. 
> You should also unload OpenIPMI kernel modules before running GNU
> FreeIPMI tools. (lsmod | grep ipmi and rmmod all of them).
> Rest of the tools are waiting for data from BMC indefinitely in the
> middle of I/O. I tried fiddling with poll interval. but no luck.
> Proper fix should come from IBM.
> Best approach for now is to use GNU FreeIPMI in out-of-band mode.
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> athena /root# bmc-info
> Device ID:         0
> Device Revision:   1
> Firmware Revision: 1.72
>                   [Device Available (normal operation)]
> IPMI Version:      1.5
> Additional Device Support:
>                   [Sensor Device]
>                   [SDR Repository Device]
>                   [SEL Device]
>                   [FRU Inventory Device]
>                   [IPMB Event Receiver]
>                   [Bridge]
>                   [Chassis Device]
> Manufacturer ID:   2h
> Product ID:        8835h
> Aux Firmware Revision Info: 0h
> Channel Information:
>       Channel No: 0
>      Medium Type: IPMB (I2C)
>    Protocol Type: IPMB-1.0
>       Channel No: 1
>      Medium Type: 802.3 LAN
>    Protocol Type: IPMB-1.0
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