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| A.B.,
| Was your "fix" to manually code the io-port address, register spacing,
| etc. into bmc-info to get around the SMBIOS broken-ness?  If that's the
| case, then we should add options to bmc-info and all the inband tools to
| allow the user to manually set them on the command line (or via config
| file) if the firmware is bad.  Otherwise how will any user with bad
| firmware ever use FreeIPMI?  Especially if IBM never releases a fix
| (they may not be obligated to).  
Two fixes were required.

1) Fix#1: SMBIOS record length check. I will include this in change
   and make a new 0.2.1 release.
2) Fix#2: SMBIOS wrongly reports as memory-mapped instead of I/O
   mapped. User can override the SMBIOS locate values by passing
   command line arguments.
   # bmc-info --no-probing -D KCS --driver-address=3234
   Note: 3234 is 0x0CA2 as reported by "ipmi-locate" utility.
I will document this in the FAQ. Can you or Rene provide me the
out-of-band details required for IBM e325 as well.

NOTE: --no-probing got broken in CVS. Bala will look into it. For
0.2.0 --no-probing should work OK.

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