> Hey Anand,
> Are you referring to bmc-config?  After bmc-config trys to get ipmi 2.0
> data (i.e. sol info) subsequent calls in bmc-config fail?  Is this in-
> band or out-of-band?

Yes this is about bmc-config. I'm trying everything inband. Strangely
the current bmc-config works fine. I"m rewriting bmc-config in C.
So i'm guessing i'm missing something. But i see no difference between
the current bmc-config and the new one w.r.t ipmi calls.
> Also when you say "subsequent ipmi calls fail" do you mean "return an
> error" or "don't respond"?  

"return an error". ALL subsequent calls, both 2.0 calls and 1.x calls.
I"m guessing probably the ipmi_device_t got 'closed' somehow?
> Also what kind of machine is this?

xeon dual core 32bit 3ghz. its the zresearch.com host.
> If you are doing this out of band, I'm going to guess that the sequence
> numbers are being handled incorrectly after a failure.  Subsequent later
> packets have duplicated sequence numbers, so the BMC drops the duplicate
> packets and never responds.

no, i'm doing only  inband.
> In band, I dunno.  I could be something vendor specific.  Some vendors
> implemented sudo ipmi 2.0 functionality on their ipmi 1.5 machines, so
> you might be making semi-successful ipmi calls.
the current bmc-config works fine. Most probably its an issue with the
code and not the hardware.


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