Hi Levi,

> We'd definitely be interested in splitting the workload with you if Bala
> is open to it.

Fantastic.  It will be great help for us.

The current status of ipmi-pef tool is, it just dumps Event Filter Table
and Alert Policy Table in commented texts in stdout or filename like
bmc-config.  Some of the value in the checkout are in meaningful and some
are just in Hex.

Current status is, the tool is not very much useful for the end users.  To
drive to that, we have to modify the tool to provide configuration
management/relationship of Event Filter Table, Alert Policy Table, Alert
Strings, LAN configuration settings of destination IP addresses and PET if
it needed.  I guess, we don't support Serial/Modem configuration specific
to PEF.

I guess, I have covered all missing things here and please go through the
current ipmi-pef code and refer IPMI Spec 2.0 Page #230 if anything missed
out here.



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