I'm playing around with libipmiconsole to figure out how to use it to
access multiple consoles at once.  Looking at the exported API and the
implementation, I'm curious how non-blocking context submissions are
supposed to be handled.  

The ipmiconsole_engine_submit_block implementation adds a flag to the
ctx struct before submitting it telling the engine to write a piece of
data to the pipe as soon as it's established and then uses its own
select call to block until something is written to the pipe.

However, the ipmiconsole_engine_submit, which doesn't block, also
doesn't set the flag to notify when the connection is established.  I
can't see any mechanism in /usr/local/include/ipmiconsole.h that would
allow me to determine when a non-blocking submit is ready to use.  Am I
missing something?


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