Al Chu writes:

Hey Levi,

Thinking about this just a tad more,
Option #1) Create a function that returns some notification status to
the user.
   - Pro: Easy
   - Con: No select/poll mechanism for anyone creating a lot of

I think this would be fine in the end after all.  The non-blocking case
that (I imagine) we're truly concerned about is that a user may try to
write data to the console before the SOL connection is finished
establishment.  A simple flag check prior to the write will allow us to
reject that write if we so choose.

Sound like a good way to fix this problem?


You have given the option of both blocking and non-blocking engine_submit anyways. There won't be any reason to use non-blocking call and wait
till initialization completes. Callback interface will allow the user
to handle notifications instantly, but it is not that useful in this
case because of its complexity. Flags are easier way to handle
it. Let us have a flag in the user submitted context and the engine
will lock/set-flag/unlock when the session initializes properly
You may have to introduce one more call to check if the context is
ready for I/O. It is just a wrapper call to check the flag.
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