Hey Bryan,

Thanks.  We're getting closer.  The status code of 0xF means the
integrity check value passed in via RAKP 3 was bad.  So I have something
to point me to the problem.  I'll let you know when I have another RPM
to try out.


On Thu, 2008-12-11 at 23:32 +0000, Bryan Henderson wrote:
> With freeipmi-0.7.4.beta2.tar.gz, ipmi-chassis on Intel fails differently
> from any of the earlier versions:
>   $ ipmi-chassis --get-status --host=xiv4-ipmi --authentication-type=NONE \
>       --driver-type=LAN_2_0 --workaround=intel20 --debug
>   ipmi_ctx_open_outofband_2_0: bad rmcpplus status code
> Debug output attached.
> -- 
> Bryan Henderson                                   San Jose, California

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