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>Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 14:28:07 +0100
>From: Alan DeKok <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: Re: wrong user name is stored in mysql radacct table
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>Zeli Kartzman wrote:
>> so what you're saying is that effectively a user can get around the
>> simultaneous user limit and login as many times as they want -- all
>> have to do is type a new outside identity each time and as long as
>> tunneled PEAP identity is correct they will be allowed to login?
>  If you configure it that way, yes.
>  The server *can* be configured to enforce simultaneous login limits
>matter what the users type into the outer session.  The docs don't
>describe how to do this, but they DO describe how to tie the inner &
>outer sessions together, and also how to enforce simultaneous login.

can you give me a pointer to which docs to look at? thanks


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