If you don't need those stale entries just delete them. If you have them
because users logged off while your servers were down then you can
"close" them seting values in AcctStopTime (and AcctSessionTime if you
want to do accounting with them).

Once you clean this up it shouldn't happen any more. You should ste
nastype to cisco and checkrad will delete all stale entries if it finds
them when checking Simultaneous-Use.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

Dana 7/3/2007, "satish patel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> piše:

>          I have faceing this problem since log time i have cisco VPDN and 
> user login on cisco and authenticate from freeradius-1.1.4 i have configure 
> simultenous-use attribute for multilogin privention but some time when user 
> session open in radius databases ( i am useing MSSQL ) then user try for 
> login and he / she got error regarding already login and authentication deny
>also i have set       Idle-Timeout = 600  but still face same problem how to 
>crear opened session in mssql database ???
>$ cat ~/satish/url.txt
>System administrator ( Data Center )
>please visit this site
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