On 3/8/07, Andreas Anderson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> is there OATH Support in freeradius to use tokens like
> http://www.aladdin.com/etoken/otp.asp?lid=eToken_OTP&lpos=products_menu#NG-OTP
> ?
> Are there any other supported OTP tokens? I read somewhere that Cryptocard
> is supported; but i never could get it to work nor find the tools to extract
> the DES key from the *.tok file

It has been awhile, Andreas, but I once tested our OTP system with
Freeradius.  IIRC, all you need to is configure your OTP server to use
radius and proxy auth requests from freeradius to your OTP server.

I can see if I have any notes from my tests.


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