Hi all,
I am using Freeradius + Chillispot + Mysql in a hotel wifi and it's
working very fine.
I have set per user Max-Daily-Session with sql_counter and it works.
Now they ask me another situation:
the hotel has various workstations that everybody can use.
I need to set a low Max-Daily-Session (1 hour) when a user log trough
these workstation, and set Max-Daily-Session = 24 hours when user use
it's own notepad.
can I override per user Max-Daily-Session when request come from a
certain CallingStationId?
what I tried is to use query on sql_counter but it seems there is no
variables with CallingStationId, something like:
query = "SELECT (SUM(AcctSessionTime) + ((WORKSTATIONID =
$CallingStationId) * 82800) FROM radacct WHERE UserName='%{%k}' AND
AcctStartTime > FROM_UNIXTIME('%b')"

Any idea?
Thank's in advance.
Pierluigi Di Lorenzo
ePrometeus s.r.l
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