Thnaks for suggestion 

 i have create one script with is login in to cisco router through telnet and 
run desired command not i am getting your point u told me i kick off user from 
cisco nas thruogh the script but ....okie i will create it but i dont know 
wheather i put this script so that this script check login user info and i 
think this script repace checkrad right ???  plz u give me your suggestion 
wheather i put this script to check login user on NAS 

Dennis Skinner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: satish patel wrote:
> I am not getting u how do i query from shell script to NAS ??

See your NAS docs.  SNMP may be an option if the NAS supports it (and FR
may be able to handle the query itself as another poster suggested), but
there may be other ways....

For instance, we have a couple scripts we use when we want to boot a
particular user.  They are simple bash scripts that use "expect" to
handle logging into our cisco modems and look for the tty that the user
is on and then clear that tty.  It has limitations as the cisco "show
users" command only shows so many characters of the username, but it is
used rarely and only by me.  This option may work for you depending on
your situation.

>  and what
> is FR packet??

I said that FR (FreeRADIUS) may not hear the stop packet (the stop
accounting record) from the NAS.

> if u have any script example script can u send me ....i
> am in problem :(

Have a look at bash scripting and expect.  It is fairly simple and you
may be able to get away with it.

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