Hello !


I am having troubles with Avaya P334T switch.

I am trying to authenticate users directly connected to ports of the switch.

I have configured the switch well I think because the acces-request is sent
to the radius but then the radius send an access-challenge to the switch and
nothing is done after.

There is no answer of the switch and the user cannot access the network but
it is not rejected by the radius.

I think the problem come from the switch because authentication on a
wireless access-point connected on this switch works fine.


Did anybody encounter the same problem? Any idea?


Thanks for your help



Romain Mercier - Technicien réseau et sécurité 

Université d'Angers - CRI Service Systèmes & Réseaux 

40 rue de Rennes 

49035 Angers Cedex - France

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