Hi guys,

Just to let all of you know..
I try the Expiration attribute today and it working find. The NAS used is
Chillispot (ChilliSpot inside of WRT54GS).

The Expiration attribute inserted into radcheck table with op ==
the expiration will block an account since the date put into value field.
So, if I put (today is March 14, 2007 at our place) an expiration 'Mar
14 2007' the account can not login anymore.
If I put an expiration 'Mar 15 2007' the account will able to login
till tonight.

The only problem is no explanation to user, why the system give an error
Login Failed.

I did try to add expiration into radiusd.conf as explain at
http://wiki.freeradius.org/Radiusd.conf but FR refuse to start with
error :
Wed Mar 14 15:59:14 2007 : Error: radiusd.conf[1587] Failed to link to
module 'rlm_expiration': Shared object "rlm_expiration.so" not
found, required by "radiusd"

How to fixed this problem ?


On 3/13/2007, "PD" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>Expiration is an internal FreeRadius attribute - it doesn't go out in
>>radius packets. It is used to generate "real" radius attributes like
>>Session-Timeout. So NAS (Cisco, Chilli, Mickrotik, whatever) will never
>>"see" this attribute. None of them would know what to do with it if
>>they would recieve it.
>I will try the Expiration lately at the end of this week and will let you
>know the result.

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