On Tue, 13 Mar 2007 13:15:52 -0500 Alan DeKok 
>Sam Schultz wrote:
>> This should be solvable by adding something like 
>> 'User-Name = %{User-Name}' to the DEFAULT entries in the users 
>> correct?
>  Yes.

One of my users file DEFAULT entries look like this:

DEFAULT         Realm == "test", Autz-Type := sql-test, User-Name = 

However, FreeRADIUS tells me this:

Error: Invalid operator for item User-Name: reverting to '=='

I assume I'm not supposed to forcibly change User-Name, so what 
attribute would I set to return the correct username to the NAS? 
I know there is a run-time variable %(reply:User-Name}, would I 
need to somehow update it with the correct value for User-Name 

This question seems to have been asked several times on the list
before, but I have yet to find a definitive answer to it.

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