Tim Tyler wrote:
> Alan, Ivan,
>    Thanks!  Between both of your comments, I was able to put two and 
> two together and get both modules working.  I would never have 
> guessed that one needs to create the groups in the passwd module.  It 
> simply isn't intuitive to use the passwd  module for doing this.  One 
> would think that each module (unix and ldap in my case) could work in 
> tandem.

  What does that mean?  i.e. You want them to work in tandem in a
certain way... others want something different.

  That being said, in the CVS head (soon to be 2.0, I hope), the modules
are much better at "just figuring it out".  In 2.0, you will likely have
to do much less configuration to get it to work.

  Alan DeKok.
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