Dario Palmisano wrote:
> no, many crashed were spontaneus (I do not know the internals of radiusd, but 
> from time to time It reloads, maybe as response to a passwd file changed or 
> so). Then I tried to send an HUP signal, after the server authenticated some 
> clients, and few seconds (20-40) later the server crashed.

  There is a bug filed on bugs.freeradius.org.  Sending the server HUP
signals just isn't safe until it's fixed.  It may be possible to fix it
in 1.1.6...

> Unfortunately the log does not show the activity during the crash, maybe 
> someone can suggest me how to get more detailed log.

  The issue isn't the activity during the crash, but the activity during
the HUP.  You have a module that's taking a LONG time to process a
request, and it's preventing the HUP handling from proceeding correctly.

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