Ok, the users file it is! Thanks!

I guess I was hoping for a link to an example of some sort. Because the user
who would be given access is not explicitly defined in the users file (the
users is defined in LDAP), I'm not sure how to setup a rule for that person.

Thanks again,



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Matt Ashfield wrote:
> We're using FreeRadius to authenticating our wireless users (who's
> credentials are stored in LDAP). But we'd also like to use it to
> authenticate a select few users who need access to our networking gear.
> networking gear is setup to do this, but I'm not sure how to set this up
> FreeRadius. 

  Write rules in the "users" file.

> I would assume that you'd specify in the clients.conf section which users
> are allowed access to that device, but in looking at the documentation for
> clients.conf, that doesn't seem to be the case.

  No.  The clients.conf file just defines clients.  It doesn't do
anything more than that.

  There's no reason code couldn't be written to permit that, though...

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