An entry like:

DEFAULT         Realm == "test", Autz-Type := sql-test
                User-Name = "%{User-Name}"

does add a new User-Name attribute with the proper value, but I 
need a
way to delete the anonymous@ entry still, because I Access-Accepts 

Sending Access-Accept of id 134 to port 5190
        User-Name := "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
        User-Name := "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"

Followed by Accounting-Requests that still contain the anonymous 
so it is still using the oldest (first?) User-Name attribute. Is 
there any way at all to REMOVE already set attributes so they aren't
re-sent to the NAS?

For that matter, shouldn't the "use_tunneled_reply = yes" in the 
module configuration have kept me from having this problem?

I also have copy_request_to_tunnel set to yes, but I doubt that 
be causing a problem like this.

On Wed, 14 Mar 2007 13:03:21 -0500 Sam Schultz 
>On Wed, 14 Mar 2007 11:25:20 -0500 Thibault Le Meur 
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>>> On Tue, 13 Mar 2007 13:15:52 -0500 Alan DeKok 
>>> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> >Sam Schultz wrote:
>>> >>
>>> >> This should be solvable by adding something like
>>> >> 'User-Name = %{User-Name}' to the DEFAULT entries in the 
>>> >file,
>>> >> correct?
>>> >
>>> >  Yes.
>>> One of my users file DEFAULT entries look like this:
>>> DEFAULT         Realm == "test", Autz-Type := sql-test, User-
>>Name = 
>>> "%u"
>>> However, FreeRADIUS tells me this:
>>> Error: Invalid operator for item User-Name: reverting to '=='
>>> I assume I'm not supposed to forcibly change User-Name, so what 
>>> attribute would I set to return the correct username to the 
>>> I know there is a run-time variable %(reply:User-Name}, would I 
>>> need to somehow update it with the correct value for User-Name 
>>> instead?
>>Yes, by simply adding the User-Name = XXX to the reply items 
>>is to say
>>not on the first line). Try something like this:
>This didn't make much sense at first, but I think I understand it 
>What you're saying is that the first line is only for check items,
>which is why I couldn't set User-Name there. The second line and 
>then are for, what? Reply items ONLY, or check & reply items? Is 
>documented anywhere? I just did a quick check through the 
>doc directory, and only found a rlm_fastusers document which didn't
>have anything to say about format restrictions.
>>DEFAULT         Realm == "test", Autz-Type := sql-test
>>      User-Name=`%{User-Name}`
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