>reference the initial thread where i said i was authenticating off 
>active directories, using eap-peap.  which i had previously 
>working just 
>Since i didn't specify an instance name in my eap.conf, it is 
>as 'eap' (which i did read, but was following your advice).

Once you configure the eap module, it tends to take care of itself.
Setting Auth-Type & Autz-Type are for when you want to force a user
(or all users, as with DEFAULT entries) to be authorized & 
by the respective modules.

If you're purely using ldap for authorization & authentications, you
wouldn't shouldn't need to set either one. I know in my case I had 
set access_attr_used_for_allow to 'no' because I wasn't using the 
schema extension packaged with freeradius.

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