Sam Schultz wrote:
> An entry like this in your 'users' file should work:
> DEFAULT     NASIPAddress =~ "192.168.100.*"
>             Auth-Type := Reject

  No, it won't work.  See the FAQ for examples of setting Auth-Type :=
Reject.  See "man users" for documentation on the format of the "users"

  The first line of a "users" file entry is where configuration items
like "Auth-Type := Reject" get set.  If you put it on the *second* line,
it won't work, and you'll get a message in debugging mode saying you
probably did something wrong.

> I'm not sure '*' is the appropriate regular expression character
> for freeradius,

  FreeRADIUS uses normal regular expressions.  '*' has its normal meaning.

  Alan DeKok.
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