Norbert Wegener wrote:
> On
> I find an interesting feature, that would be very useful in some 
> configurations:
> As mentioned there, it is available in version 2 of the server.
> Is it already foreseeable, when approximately the version 2 of 
> freeradius will be available?

  Soon.  I know I've been saying that for a while (too long now), but it
looks pretty good.  I have some code that has cleaned up a lot of the
odd things in the server core, so I'm much more comfortable releasing a 2.0.

  So far, the features look like:

  - if/then/else in radiusd.conf
  - full IPv6 support
  - much more stable handling of home servers
  - separation of realms from home servers
  - addition of "home server pools", for failover & load balancing
  - magic feature 1
  - magic feature 2
  - :)

  I won't say what the magic features are.  One will cause mild
surprise.  The other will cause great surprise.  My plan right now is to
test the code privately with a few early adopters who are sworn to
secrecy.  Once it looks like it works, the code will be made public, and
a 2.0-pre0 will be announced.

  From my research on Google, the features will quadruple FreeRADIUS's
potential install base.  The features will also enable network
administrators to do things that are currently impossible to do with
open source software.

  And it looks like it's only 3k-4k lines of code. :)

  Alan DeKok.
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