> Hi,
> i have installed freeradius 1.1.5 on debian machine now how i can install
> freeradius-mysql package?

>   freeradius-mysql Depends: freeradius(= 1.0.2-4sarge3) but 1.1.3 is to be
> installed
> E: Broken packages

That is a distribution-specific problem of debian not a general
freeradius one. So just as few hints:

Current version in stable is 1.0.2-4sarge3. So wherever you got 1.1.5
from, would be the place to search for the pertinent freeradius-mysql
(it would/should stem from the same source package).

Under normal circumstances you cannot/should not mix interdependent
packages from different sources. That leads to conflicting
dependencies as you are told by apt-get. Those are there for a reason.

K. Hoercher
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