Thanks so much for the response, I wasn't aware that the (md5) header
needed to be in the database. The requested information is below:

UserName                Attribute               Value
test.user               Password
c1dd8z473d9gf5c13b0d89b32d15333 :=

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Deramus, Chris wrote:
> This no longer seems to work, as FreeRADIUS seems to be attempting to 
> compare the clear-text password with the MD5 password returned from 
> the database. I'm guessing it's an oversight on my end, and wanted to 
> see if anyone on this list noticed anything. I have included portions 
> of my radiusd.conf and users files which are pertinent to this issue.

  Can you post what's in your SQL database?  i.e. attribute name,
operator, and value.

  I suspect that the contents of the User-Password are the MD5 hash,
rather than the {md5} header followed by the MD5 hash.

  Alan DeKok.
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