Hello Freeradius users!
I have a recurring problem that I'm wondering if any of you have run
into. I am currently running freeradius 1.1.4 (haven't had time to
upgrade yet) on Suse Linux SLES 10 together with a Myql DB engine.
I am using IP pools to supply users coming from various NAS:es with IP
adresses. These IP pools seem to run out of IP adresses which is
surprising given that I have more IP adresses than users for each NAS.
Basically, new access requests don't get anywhere because there aren't
any free IPs left. Once I stop freeradius, delete the ip pools and start
freeradius again everything is fine. It is annoying however....
I suspect the problem may be related to the fact that some sessions do
not recieve accounting session stop packets. This happens alot so
currently I'm working around the issue by way of a cron jobb that
deletes the IP pools and restarts freeradius every night - but this is a
workaround and I really would like a better solution. Particularly since
the problem creeps up in daily operations aswell.
Also; I have no control over the NAS:es but I can discuss the issue with
the NAS admins if i know what to look for!
Does anyone have any suggestions / ideas / experiences with this sort of
Thanks and Best Regards,
Johannes R-E

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