I've been using OpenVPN + Ralf's Radiusplugin for several months and
recently moved away from server-side IP assignment. However, while I did use
it, I found that in my configuration FreeRADIUS only assigned new IPs when
the accounting for that user had stopped (ie, if it recieved a STOP packet).

Curious this is not what I see here ??
What is/was your FR server version ?

Anyway, Alan said that a 'good nas' should send the Framed-IP-Address in the
Access-Request if it has been already assigned one: this wasn't done by
radiusplugin, thus I think I'll keep the pacth.

 This meant, that once I'd crashed the openvpn server 3 times with users on
it :-) there were many IP's who were 'lost' - their sessions had never
ended, hence the IP was never returned to the pool. 

Sure, this is also true for my others NAS (pppd based), but they are quite
robust (I hope openvpn is/will be as robust ;-)).

I was doing renegotiation every 20 minutes if I remember correctly, and the
freeradius replied with the same IP for the user time and time again.

Interesting, what could explain that mine allocate new IP addresses each
time ?

Should rlm_ippool allocate the same IP for a NAS-IP/NAS-port couple if the
entry isn't cleaned from the pool ?

(Anyway, I think it's better to have FR not re-send Framed-IP-Address since
it would cause an unsuseful write to the client-config file from the

 Hence, I'm beginning to wonder if it's configuration-specific, because I
didn't have any problems. 

I can trust you, but I don't know where to search for a setup mistake.

Does someone has an idea ?

Thanks in advance,

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