thanks joe,

my pap's modules section is already as follows:
pap {
         encryption_scheme = clear
I'm trying to forward username and password to my own app, using post-auth 
section, to perform user authentication, as described below ... is that 


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Assunto: Re: EAP-TTLS + Post-auth clear password

Erico Augusto wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to send clear-text password at post-auth using eap-ttls. 
> is there a way?
> I'm avoiding to write a lot of details about the question. Just using 
> post-auth I got to send User-password attribute, but it's cyphered at 
> destination(Yes, there is all the TLS tunneling stuff, but I'm trying 
> to see the problem at a simpler-unknown perspective).
> I'm using SecureW2 as supplicant(PAP), freeradius-1.1.2+jradius patch.
i think by default pap is an md5 hash, you should be able to change that 
tho in the radiusd.conf (altho i could be totally insane.) in 1.1.4+ 
this looks to have changed to be auto negotiated.  other people will 
know better than me but, i think this is accurate.

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