Thanks for the reply.

I am using the 'radtest' utility.  The actual command
I am typing (from the command line of the server
itself is: "radtest test1 test1 0
testing123".   I am attempting to make sure
everything is okay on the server itself, before
attempting to connect to the server with a client.

The DB structure is:  8 tables as follows: nas,
radacct, radcheck, radgroupcheck, radgroupreply,
radpostauth, radreply, usergroup.


Scott Hughes wrote:
> When I run the radtest utility that comes with FR,
I get an access-reject, even though the user is in
the radius database. Running FR with the -X
parameter, it does appear to be check the database.
> Am I testing correctly for this type of FR & MySQL

Likely, yes.

What's in the DB, and what kinds of packets are you
sending for tests?

Alan DeKok.
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