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rebonjour monsieur,

quand j´ ai donner la commande netstat -tunelup, voial la r´eponse :
[EMAIL PROTECTED] raddb]# netstat -tunelup
Aktive Internetverbindungen (Nur Server)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address               Foreign Address             
State       Benutzer   Inode      PID/Program name   
udp        0      0*                       
0          7223       2012/mp_kerneld.x   
udp        0      0*                       
0          7224       2012/mp_kerneld.x   
udp        0      0*                       
0          7225       2012/mp_kerneld.x   

There you are. Some program named mp_kerneld.x is occupying the port. That's 
why freeradius won't start.



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la Recherche
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