I'm very newbie in FreeRadius software. Now I have to setup FreeRadius
server for dialup users billing. We have three categories of dialup

1. Traditional users, who authenticates itselves with login and
password; some of them must have fixed IP.

2. Internal telephony network users, who have no registered login name
(may authenticate with any login/password pairs); server must check
caller-id of such users (which is subsituted to fixed one usind our
phone station magic) as a part of authorization procedure. Accounting
will be performed as an payed telephone call, no radius accounting will
be performed.

3. Small group of users (about 10 ones) which passes by accounting
schemes (admninistrators).

For authentication, authorization and accounting of first category users
custlom rlm by billing software vendor will be used.

For third category users I'm planning to use users.conf.

Now -- two questions.

1. Which authorization method should I use for second category users?
Obviously I should use rlm_perl, but it seems to me quite unpractical to
use perl for just compare one attribute with single string constant.

2. Second category users call most frequently, while third category
users call very rarelly (about 2-3 calls per week). Is it significant
during FR setup?

Antuan Avdioukhine (DEKA-RIPE).
Convey Plus Telecommunications
St.Petersburg, Russia. 
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