Thanks for your help.

> U can specify the sql "query" for the counter:
> counter maxinput {
>        filename = ${logdir}/db.maxinput
>        key = User-Name
>        count-attribute = Acct-Input-Octets
>        reset = never
>        counter-name = Input-Octets
>        check-name = ChilliSpot-Max-Input-Octets
>        query = "SELECT
> SUM(Acct-Input-Octets+Acct-Output-Octets) FROM radacct
> where UserName='%{%k}'"
> }

Ok, sounds reasonable, but I forgot to mention that I am not using
SQL, I am using just the simple counter module which uses files and I
suppose I can't use the query. At least it didn't work.

And another thing I forgot to mention .. I am using a Debian Woody
(yes, I know, it is pretty much outdated ...) with Freeradius
FreeRADIUS Version 1.0.2.

I suppose it would be a good idea to update our system :-)

best regards
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