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...  I'm using PHP 4.3.0, since

PHP 4.3.9-3.22.3, for the record.

that's what comes with RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.   I've turned on
register_globals, but I can't get the dialup_admin code to stop
throwing warnings about variable names, etc.

I have dialupadmin running on php-5.0.3 without a problem.

Well... I'm about ready to give up on dialup_admin with RedHat
Enterprise 4.  I was able to get dialup_admin to work in seconds on an
old RedHat 9 box in the corner (PHP 4.2.2-17.2) by copying over my
working directory from the RHES4 box. There is, I conclude, nothing
wrong with my dialup_admin install (based off of a fresh copy from
CVS).  All I can figure is that there is some bug with global
variables with PHP 4.3.

I was using PHP 5.1.x at a previous employer, but their dial-up admin interface was quite hacked by a freelancer.


One more test I did was to put in some 'echo' statements into various
files.  It seems that variables like the $mappings and $config arrays
are entirely known to config.php3, but not their callers, like
user_test.php3 or help.php3.  I was able to get more sane behavior by
shotgunning global statements throughout the dialup_admin code, but I
have not been able to get a sensible display from something as simple
as clicking on "add user".

I do not have a working php5 environment at hand, so testing under
that is a whole 'nother set of problems to solve.  Back to a form of
my original query, has anyone gotten dialup_admin working specifically
with PHP 4.3?



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