Dear,I am using freeradius and database is MS-Sql Server i am executing the sp, 
and get this on radius............ad_recv: Access-Request packet from host, id=167, 
length=123        Called-Station-Id = 
Calling-Station-Id = \"500\"        
User-Name = \"500\"        NAS-Identifier = 
\"Asterisk\"        NAS-IP-Address =        NAS-Port = 
5071        h323-conf-id = \"[EMAIL 
PROTECTED]"  Processing the authorize section of radiusd.confmodcall: 
entering group authorize for request 3  modcall[authorize]: module 
\"preprocess\" returns ok for request 3    users: Matched 
DEFAULT at 153  modcall[authorize]: module \"files\" retu!
 rns ok for request 3radius_xlat:  \'500\'rlm_sql (sql): sql_set_user 
escaped user --> \'500\'radius_xlat:  \'Execute  authradius  
\'500\' \'rlm_sql (sql): Reserving sql socket id: 0radius_xlat:  
\'\'radius_xlat:  \'Execute  authradius  \'500\',\'500\', 
\'011919818971838\',\'\', \'[EMAIL PROTECTED]', 
\'\'\'radius_xlat:  \'\'rlm_sql (sql): Released sql socket id: 0  
modcall[authorize]: module \"sql\" returns ok for request 3rlm_checkval: Item 
Name: Calling-Station-Id, Value: 500rlm_checkval: Could not find attribute 
named Calling-Station-Id in check pairs  modcall[authorize]: module 
\"checkval\" returns notfound for request 3modcall: leaving group authorize 
(returns ok) for request 3  rad_check_password:  Found Auth-Type 
Accept  rad_check_password: Auth-Type = Accept, accepting the userLogin 
OK: [500/<no User-Password attribute>] (from client adoreser port !
 5071 cli 500)  Processing the post-auth section of radiusd.confmo
dcall: entering group post-auth for request 3rlm_sql (sql): Processing 
sql_postauthradius_xlat:  \'500\'rlm_sql (sql): sql_set_user escaped user 
--> \'500\'  modcall[post-auth]: module \"sql\" returns noop for 
request 3modcall: leaving group post-auth (returns noop) for request 3Sending 
Access-Accept of id 167 to port 
42297        h323-return-code = 
Reply-Message=\"No Balance in account\"Finished request 3Going to the next 
requestSending Asscess Accept id.........Poblem is that after getting the reply 
message,h323 attribute its send the access accept id to linux box and 
start packet become ready but at this situation call shuld be 
disconnected Please tell me where i am doing 

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